Dumbbell Workouts for Muscle Building

Not all of us can go to a gym as much as we want, sometimes we don’t even have time to go at all. This could be quite a challenge for those who intend to build muscles because muscle building usually requires intensive exercises. Fortunately, you actually can still build muscles by doing dumbbell workouts. So you can still do your regular exercise without going to the gym or investing in a set of expensive exercise equipment.

Dumbbells are relatively cheap and could provide some amazing results in your muscle-building effort. Dumbbell workouts when done properly could improve your strength and train various muscle groups in your body. There are many variations of dumbbell workouts that could enhance your muscle growth, below are some of the best dumbbell workouts you can do at home to increase your body shape and your muscle mass.

Dumbbell workouts bench press

This is one of the most common dumbbell workouts that are very simple to do. To do this exercise you need two dumbbells and a flat bench. This type of exercise is a great way to train your shoulders (front deltoids), triceps, and chest (pectoral muscles). It would be great if you also have a reclining and a declining bench because then you will be able to modify your exercises by doing incline bench press and decline bench press. The incline bench press could target the upper areas of your chest, while the decline bench press could help you focus on your lower chest muscles.

Dumbbell workouts shoulder press

You can do the shoulder press simply by holding dumbbells on both hands and raise them at the same time, the alternative to this move is to raise one hand and lowering the other and switch. You can do this exercise either in a standing position or sitting down, or you can also use a vertical bench to rest your back while doing the exercise. This is an excellent exercise to build your upper body.

Alternated biceps curl

This one is a classic dumbbell exercise that will help to strengthen your bicep and forearm muscles. Even though you can do it with lots of variations, the benefits are pretty much the same. You can do this exercise by raising both dumbbells together or one at a time against your chest. For a hammer variation, you can raise them together with your palms facing each other, for a concentrated variation you can limit the movement to only halfway up. Additionally, you can also use a preacher curl pad for more variations.

Triceps Kickback

As the name implies, this is an exercise to train your triceps. For this exercise, you also need a flat bench or whatever elevated flat surface you can find and place one knee on it. Make sure your upper arm stays still while doing the exercise. Exercise one arm at a time while your other arm is holding the edge of the bench, then raise the dumbbell back until it’s positioned on a straight line with your upper arm.

Kneeling one arm row

This is an effective back exercise using a dumbbell and a flat bench. Put one knee and one hand on the flat bench and then lift the dumbbell up with your other hand on a straight line. In this exercise, your back muscles will do most of the work.

Lateral raise

This is one of the best ways to build your shoulder muscles, especially the outer deltoid muscles. Hold one dumbbell on each hand and place your arms on the side of your body, then raise both hands away from your body until they are aligned with your shoulders. You can do this by standing up or sit down. If you want to focus more on your rear deltoids, you can bend your upper body forward while doing the exercise.

Lying fly

This exercise also requires a flat bench. Like the dumbbell press exercise, it’s also a great way to train your chest muscles. Lay on your back on the bench and lift the dumbbells on both hands high above your chest.

Upright row

The upright row will target the rear area of your shoulder. Hold the dumbbells with the back of your hands facing out, and then lift the dumbbells up to your chest.

Stationary lunge

The stationary lunge is the type of dumbbell workout to exercise your legs. This exercise could target your quadriceps, calves, and glutes. Hold your dumbbells on the side, put one leg in front of your body and the other on the back, then bring your body down until the knee of your back leg touches the floor and go back up.

Toe raise

This is also an exercise that will target your legs, which is very easy to do. Just stand up with your feet close together and hold your dumbbells on the side of your body. Then raise your body using your toe.