Keeping your home and office Pest free

I love fleas! Did you know that not only are their tiny bites irritating – but they actually spread gross diseases? Fleas are not something I want in my home especially with kids around. They are in every room – they are where ever my cats go – on a bed, on the couch and on my lazy chair. I would never get rid of my cats since I love them enough to tackle this problem and be vigilant to where I can again enjoy my cats and be flea-free.

The office is completely unorganized and dealing with fleas was not on my top list of top 15 goals this month. Dealing with fleas was just another reason I had to tackle cleaning my office.

my cat up to no goodHonestly, have you heard anybody say this in life, period? Just saying the words makes me want to laugh, but what I’ve learned from the experience has left me wiser. Just hear me out. I hate fleas as much as the next person. When fleas let themselves into my office, then my home, I had to go to a place call patience and deal with them. Now, you may be thinking, “how could I let this happen, and does she love fleas?” Office cleaning was my priority, I knew I had to hire a team to keep the place in shape but little did I know, individual companies don’t hit all the checkmarks. That’s what started my search, and I learned how to fight off these pests.

Office and Home Cleaning: Do’s & Don’ts

Of course I got rid of the bloodsuckers, but I wanted to learn ways to prevent them from coming back. After the whole, “you can never be struck by lightning twice”, the theory was disproved, I didn’t want to take any chances. So, I did some research on the questions bubbling in my head, and this is what I found…

1. How fast do fleas spread?

I found, that within a months time you will be overwhelmed and have a serious problem. During the flea life span, which is only a few weeks, they lay hundreds of eggs. I didn’t notice the problem as much until I was itching all over. By the time I called to get rid of them, I was completely inconvenienced because there were possibly a million little disease spreaders in my office! So, if you think you may have a problem early, don’t hesitate to call.

2. Is this going to be friendly on the pocketbook? Is it necessary to call for help from a pest terminating company?

Okay, so this is where I was stuck. Sure, the fleas were bothersome and posed a grave threat to my business, but the cost was concerning. I figured I would have my office cleaned for a few hundred dollars, destroying the issue. Since the flea problem didn’t seem as big in my home, I would try to tackle the problem myself to save on costs. Big mistake! It could cost more then you think! Now that I think about it, the small investment I made in having the office cleaning was worth a million times more because they are completely gone! A word of advice, do what you have to get rid of the fleas because their goal is to multiply as fast as possible seeing as their life is so short.

3. Keeping fleas and other pests gone for good?

Keeping insects from multiplying is a full-time job, and your vacuum becomes your best friend, your spouse, your grandma, and the shoulder you cry on. Just remember when you’re finished cleaning to empty the bag because there is somebody still living inside it. I even vacuumed my curtains. Also, start shampooing everything, and that means your carpets too. Think positively about the situation and consider this a home makeover.

cat on carpetI know you may feel invaded, but take charge of your castle. Wash all clothes, linens, nowhere is safe. The next thing you do is buy an insect growth regulator spray and think of that ex that did you dirt. If you have a yard area, it’s best to get mowing and expose whatever fleas may be there to the sunlight. I don’t have cats, so keeping on a monthly regimen by administering flea prevention is very important. It will keep the fleas away. Especially if your cats or dogs were to come in contact with other flea-ridden animals. Flea prevention is no my number one source to keep the fleas gone for good

With the experience, I’m going to contradict what I said when we first, but in a weird way, I’m kind of happy about this event. By no means do I “love” fleas but thanks to them – I have learned a lot. I thought about hiring a professional office cleaning service, but I am glad I opted to do it myself. I feel like I and my kids are safe. Both my home and office are now uncluttered, a big helper to fleas as they have more places to hide. I have hired a sufficient office cleaning company, and I can help out some friends with my story along the way. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.