Workout Programs for Men

When it comes to finding workout programs, especially free ones, women seem to be luckier than men. There are so many free workout tutorials available from real trainers, whether in fitness blogs or in video streaming websites. While if you’re looking for workout programs for men, mostly you will only find some pricey P90X type of workout programs or some free workout videos posted by a random guy shooting video footage in his garage.

Free workout programs for men

This might sound right if you have tried searching for these workout programs for men, but actually all you need is to dig a little deeper and you will find some great workout programs for men by real trainers. You can find workout programs that focus on weight loss, muscle building, strength, conditioning, or shaping certain parts of your body.

Why choosing free workout programs for men

These free workout programs are really helpful for those who have an interest in starting to work out regularly. This way, at least they can develop more interest in physical exercises and find the style of workout program for men that suits them best without wasting too much money in the process. Below are eight free workout programs for men provided by fitness experts that you can checkout.

  1. Mark Lauren 20 Minute Workouts

This is a great workout for beginners who don’t have time or are still nervous to go to a gym. Mark Lauren 20 Minute Workouts is a training program that doesn’t require any equipment but your own body weight as the resistance. If you’re not familiar with this type of exercise, it’s known as the bodyweight exercise. Mark Lauren actually published a book “You Are Your Own Gym” that explains all the details about this workout program, but if you don’t want to buy the book you can just visit his website where you can access various 20-minute bodyweight workouts.

  1. The Navy Seal Fitness Guide

This is an impressive, comprehensive workout program that provides guides for various exercises from simple calisthenics to hardcore and physically demanding workout routines. The PDF file of The Navy Seal Fitness Guide is available for download free of charge, you can even download a cheap app for $1.99 that can provide you with environment-specific exercises if you want to work out in different places, it could be an interesting method that keeps you motivated.

  1. Swimming World Workouts

Swimming World Workouts is a very interesting program that approaches swimming like weightlifting, strength training or other types of planned workouts. Swimming is a great cardio workout that can have great effects on your body when done properly.

  1. My Free Trainer

At my free you can get a complete workout based on the level of your workout. You can enter your workout level, whether it’s beginner, intermediate or advanced and you will receive a complete workout program for you. Plus it will also provide recommendations for diets and supplements.

  1. Art of Manliness: Health and Sports

This is a blog that covers a wide range of things in the men’s world from men’s dress and grooming advice to various manly skills like carpentry and fishing. Additionally, it also provides various interesting workout programs for men with “macho” names, like “The Woodsman Workout” or “Train Like a Fighter”.

  1. From Couch to 5K

Just as the name implies, this workout program is designed for beginners and focusing on turning couch sedentary couch potatoes into winners in just a few weeks. This workout program is built to motivate you in having a healthier lifestyle with regular workouts.

  1. SparkPeople

SparkPeople is a website that’s focusing on providing the proper workout program for men who want to lose weight. While most workout programs for men are designed to help to add weight and build muscle, it’s not so easy to find a good workout program that’s designed for weight loss, especially the free ones. So it’s really awesome to find a website that’s focusing on helping men to lose weight through workout routines and diet. It has a ‘Workout Generator’ that can build a workout routine based on your weight loss goals. Furthermore, you will also get recommendations for the best diet for your goals.

  1. Bodybuilding Free Video Trainers

You can find these great workout videos at These videos are providing a workout routine designed by experts for muscle building. This is something that’s not very easy to find, or at least not for free, post free workout videos are usually presenting cardio workouts.