A Christmas to Remember

It is rare that I ever really ask for anything for Christmas. I would much rather buy the special things that I want for others, than receive anything myself. I enjoy knowing that I have given something special to each person, chosen with much thought. For me, the giving is much better than the receiving.

But this year, I did ask for something.
Something that at many times this year was a guaranteed impossibility.
All I wanted for Christmas was to have my little family all together to celebrate this wonderful holiday.
It was a big request that I never expected to be granted, but God has been good to our family this year (and always) and our Christmas was spent as a family, together at home.
It didn’t matter what was under the tree.
I didn’t matter really even what we did to celebrate. As long as we were together, that’s all that mattered.
So we huddled together.
We did things according to our schedule.
We went to church to celebrate so many blessings in this life.
We enjoyed and appreciated each other.
We made up for so much time spent apart and once again felt how blessed we were to be together.

It was a memorable Christmas and one that I’m not sure can be topped.
The gifts that were given and received may not be remember in years to come, but the memories of being together will last forever.