Back in the Game

I’ve been living in a bit of a fantasy world lately. Very little house cleaning and laundry has been done, or much else to be honest. Instead time has been spent with extra family snuggles, game time, and just about any excuse we can all find to be together. It’s awesome. But now as I look around the house, I see the laundry piles in the bedrooms, the dishes in the sink, the dust bunnies that are turning in to dinosaurs…I think it’s time to maybe bring back in a little bit of reality! But only a little bit, I kind of prefer this fantasy world of the last few weeks. I’m sure I can find some middle ground between the two 🙂

J has been easing back into home life flawlessly. The kids debate over who gets to go to work with him, who gets him for story time, and who gets to snuggle with him on the couch. I certainly don’t mind having the extra help and I love that their relationship with their dad has picked up right where they left off. We’ve gotten together to see some family and friends, but have tried to limit it somewhat. Big crowds of people aren’t a favorite for either one of us! Other than a few instances of people asking thoughtless questions, most gatherings have been pretty good, just maybe a bit shorter than we would have visited before. Luckily we both know the thoughtless questions are inevitable so we can usually just laugh them off. Mostly it’s just been asking me, “So he’s done right? He won’t go back?” Um, yeah. Sure. That one’s not really thoughtless though, just a lack of understanding and I can handle that. It’s the questions like, “you didn’t see anything gory did you,” or “did you have to shoot anyone” that get under the skin…But I guess it’s all part of being military and you just answer the best you can and move on.

Everyone is feeling the Christmas excitement around our house. I finally finished Christmas shopping. I had gotten a lot of it done weeks ago, but when we found out J would be home I had more shopping to do! Since I hadn’t been expecting to buy him gifts just yet (I was going to do Christmas for him when he came home in March) it was fun to get to do it early! I kind of wanted to spoil him too 🙂 So Squirt and I braved the mall yesterday (my least favorite place) to pick up the last of his gifts. Now it’s on to the wrapping….uggh. Any takers?

School finished up for Winter Break last Friday, so the kids and I are now off for two, much needed weeks. Timing couldn’t have been more perfect for J to come home. I only took a few days off work, knowing that we would all have these weeks to spend together, and I could save my days for taking a few long weekends with J in the Spring. We are trying to keep this break from school/work unplanned and easy, but there are always things to do. Tomorrow is cookie making day, which the kids were very excited for! We plan to make Chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, and peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses (J’s favorite!). Although we have to make sure he doesn’t eat them all…we have to save some for Santa!!

I’ve been really out of touch lately, pretty much ignoring my emails, text, and everything else! It’s not been intentional, my mind has just been elsewhere! I guess it’s time to get back into the game!! I’m hoping today too, to get caught back up on my blog reading. I feel like I’ve missed out – I know that a few bloggy friends have had babies and a few have welcomed their Soldiers home too, but I’ve not had a chance to visit their blogs or comment. Hopefully I can get back into a better routine with everything soon. I guess that’s just part of figuring out what “normal” is now! Ha!
Life sure is good… 🙂