“It’s My Daddy!!”

daddys babyToday was another one of those days that I won’t soon forget. To be truthful though, it’s been a week not to be forgotten ever. The feelings and moments were so powerful that they rank right up there with some of the best memories I’ll ever have.
Yesterday our Soldier finally, really came home!
As in home, to our house…
He’s home.
 He’s all ours.
 It still doesn’t seem real yet, that I don’t have to say goodbye again any time soon. We don’t even have a drill weekend on the calendar for about 3 months that I won’t be attending as well. While I can still feel the anxiousness and tense nerves that come with a deployment, I feel like maybe I can start breathing again.
J’s demob wrapped up quicker than we expected, which was very welcome news! I had an idea late last week that he would be finished early and that I would be able to pick him up Sunday afternoon. Since the kids still did not know that he was back, we decided to keep the secret a little longer and I arranged for them to stay with a friend Sunday who would also drive them to school Monday morning. It was nice to have a little longer time than our previous one hour to spend alone together before I had to share his time :).
This afternoon we went to the kids’ school to give them a fun surprise…Daddy! I really debated whether to surprise the kids at school with their dad or not, but school has been one of their comfort zones and everyone knows them and our family situation. Also, the kids’ school (also where I work) had been so supportive of all of us during this deployment and there were many people who wanted to share in welcoming him home. It was fun (but a little nerve wracking!) to watch J walk into the kids’ classes, see their faces light up and hear them exclaim, “It’s my daddy!”. Of course, our kids are such rule followers that they resisted the urge to run to him until they were told to go! They both smiled and jumped into his arms! When I asked them later on if they liked being surprised at school, they both said “yes” and that they liked that their friends could see Daddy come home too, so I think it was a good surprise for them!
The entire drive home the kids talked his ear off telling him stories and jokes – I couldn’t get a word in! The rest of the day was spent playing games, building Legos, reading, watching movies, and painting finger nails (Squirt’s). The kids pretty much haven’t left J’s side and can’t get enough of him. Luckily 9 months without them and he is ready and willing for all they have! It’s been fun to sit back and watch their interactions! I’m so glad that we took the time to ourselves beforehand so that the kids could have all of his attention today, and he didn’t have all three of us wanting his time today! We are taking off school and work for the next couple of days to get in some much needed family time – all other responsibilities can wait!! Tomorrow’s plan is to finally put up and decorate the Christmas tree, as well as get in lots of snuggle time and playing. I’m so glad that we have the ability to just take off for the next few days…makes this reunion time much more enjoyable without having to worry about working too!
I’m sure I won’t be on here as much either 🙂 but I do have a guest blogger tomorrow that I am very excited to have, as well as I am taking part in a giveaway later this week that should be very fun. Check back on Wednesday to see what it is!
The following pictures are from J’s reunion with the kids today. Thank heavens the school has a photographer who is amazing and took the pics for us! There is no way I would have been able to keep the camera still! Thank you again to all of you for your incredible support these past months! I could not have made it through this as well as I did without so many kind words and prayers from you all!! Many thanks!!