Farmer’s Market Trip

I have a confession. I’ve never been to a farmer’s market, at least not that I can remember. But since I’m trying to eat more vegetables, eat better and learn to cook; I thought it was time I visited one. So I sat down at my computer and did some googling. It turns out they’re everywhere, all the time, especially right now. So I thought I’d share some interesting resources I found.

The Farmer’s Market Online is a very useful, quick listing that has all the markets listed in Texas by city with the wheres, whens, and contact information for each one.

Local Harvest is another great way to find local farmer’s markets, and it also has everything above as well as descriptions (including things like whether there’s live music), reviews and some pictures.

Using these, I easily found that there’s one literally down the street from me, so I went to the Pflugerville Pfarmers Market last Tuesday.

I love that this market is at the Green Red Barn at Heritage Park. It’s a great park, and it definitely carries through the whole “farm” vibe. There’s also lots of produce and even some meats to pick from, as well as live music every Tuesday. If you’re near this one, I definitely recommend it, but if not there are a least a dozen in the Austin area.

So anyway, I wanted to buy everything, which was overwhelming, so I decided to start small and limit myself to one item to take home and cook. So I bought some mushrooms and sauteed them, which were delicious. Next week I’m going to buy enough vegetables to cook and eat for a week!